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SQL Server for Excel

Import, edit and generate data for SQL Server in Excel.

SQL Server for Excel is an Excel Add-in that provides users a way to import and edit table data in Excel. It has been designed to be a simple tool for data analysts to manipulate SQL data without having to write scripts. It also offers powerful data generation in order to generate sample data for a SQL database.

It's free!


Edit SQL Data in Excel

Edit data stored in SQL Server database tables directly from inside Excel.

Save changes to file

All changes are tracked as you make them, you can then save the SQL update statements to file and run them on the database manually.

Automatically apply changes to DB

You also have the option to automatically apply the changes to the database with the click of a button.

Generate test/sample data

Select any CSV file with sample data, specify which column in the file to use, select the cells in Excel where the data should be written to and random values will be generated.


Open Sourced

Released on August 27th, 2015
  • New Open sourced. Get the code on GitHub!

Beta 1

Released on June 23th, 2014
  • New Import SQL table data to sheet
  • New Track table changes
  • New Save update script to file
  • New Apply changes to table
  • New Generate data from CSV file

Future releases

  • Upcoming Insert & script new records (inserts)
  • Upcoming Delete & script deleted records (deletes)
  • Upcoming Option to highlight changed rows/cells


SQL For Excel is an early Beta, so there will be bugs and problems.

Any questions, feature requests or bug reports please fill out the form below.

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